About Us

Established since 2008 Singapore Houseware Pte Ltd is one of innovating manufacturer of household item products as Automated Laundry Rack, Manual Clothes Rack... We strongly believes in improving people's daily living.

We aims at maximizing the consumer experience through consumer insight driven innovation and by offering a wide range of attractive and functional household and OEM product categories.

Through our products we aspire to be an inseparable part of your life, solving the smaller everyday problems you face. Making your life just a little better every time. From simple functional utilities like clothes racks, ladders, ironing boards, safes, roller blinds and bathroom accessories to unique, ingenious products like sensor bin and motorized curtains, we strive to bring in inventive solutions for all your needs.

Every product we launch is a well thought concept that strikes a perfect balance between the functionality it offers and the way it blends perfectly into or even enhances your spaces. This, we believe, is what differentiates contemporary from the conventional. As today aesthetics of your interiors hold as much relevance for you, as the homely warmth and comfort.

Now Singapore Houseware Pte Ltd presents in over 28 countries gives us the lead in offering international quality and optimum-value-for-money. Supported by our organization's operational excellence, well-established distribution network makes obtaining products simple with easy availability at mass retail, hardware and home center stores, supermarkets, departmental stores and specialty stores.

From here begins the making of your truly modern home. So, enhance your spaces with our contemporary products and take your personal space to a whole new level!