Aviation Aluminum + Remote Control + LED Lighting + Space Saving + Automatic

Product name

Automated Clothes Rack

Model No.



Aviation Aluminium



Rated Voltage

220V / 50HZ

Environmental Temperature

-30° ~ +40°

Lighting LED Lamp

  14W * 2pcs

UV Lamp

    7W * 2pcs

Power of fans

  20W * 2pcs

Motor Power



Remote Control and LED Lights.

Loading Capacity


Rod Length

2200mm | 2400mm

Lifting Distance

1300mm | 1800mm


- Applying the highest surface treatment for the Aluminum processing–Electrophoresis. It can sustain 15 years without fade.

- Controlled up and down by 30 meters Remote control system.

- The complete item consists of aviation-grade aluminum never rust, quality assurance.

- High-intense lighting LED lamp with environment freely, and the light is soft and well-distributed.

- Four freely turned multi-function aluminum poles, leading to hang more clothes and sheets, and the convenience of packing and transport.

- Patented and unique technology of automatic shutdown when poles running into obstacles, keeping safe and reliable.

- AC tubular motor which has automatic overheat protection is reliable and safe.

- Can work safely for more than 100,000 hours.

- The product has comprehensive function which is a combination of ascending, descending, stopping, lighting, airing and disinfection.

- Increase clothes dry speed by fan and kills harmful bacteria by UV lamp.

- CE certification.

Use Instructions

Ceiling-Mounted Automatic Clothes Rack with Remote Control System

- Usage: For air and dry clothes, especially for hanging clothes

- Suitable for all kinds of apartment balcony and eaves.

- Uniform loading: 35kg, please keep general use habit to reach maximum service life.

- Brief style, luscious smell of home life.


2 Year.


100 Sets.


L(1200mm) x W(316mm) x H(70mm)


  • $310.00

This product has a minimum quantity of 100